Are you looking for your next group adventure?

DirtFish offers unique driving experiences for all group types. From corporate groups, team building and customer appreciation to bachelor parties, tactical training, custom groups, and full property rentals, we have it all.

Group Booking Tips

  • The ideal custom group event size ranges from 10 to 48 drivers within a single day
  • Thursdays and Fridays are typically reserved for corporate events and group bookings
  • Available dates are first come first serve
  • If possible, book a few months in advance as our dates fill quickly
  • Multiple group program and price options available
  • Full payment due at the time of booking
Two Hour Program Group Event

Minimum 20 Drivers/Max 48 Drivers

$599 Per Driver (rear wheel drive)

$599 Per Driver (all wheel drive)

8am to 12pm & 12:30pm to 4:45pm Options Available

1 Course & Thrill Ride

Half Day Program Group Event

Minimum 10 Drivers/Max 24 Drivers

$1099 Per Driver (rear wheel drive)

$1199 Per Driver (all wheel drive)

8am to 12pm & 12:30pm to 4:30pm Options Available

3 Courses & Thrill Ride

One Day Program Group Event

Minimum 10 Drivers/Max 12 Drivers

$1899 Per Driver (rear wheel drive)

$2199 Per Driver (all wheel drive)

8am to 4pm

5 Courses & Lunch Provided

Three Day Group Program Event

Minimum 10 Drivers/Max 12 Drivers

$5299 Per Driver (rear wheel drive)

$5499 Per Driver (all wheel drive)

8am to 4pm Daily

11 Courses & Lunch Provided Daily


Catered lunch from our local partner restaurant.

Dry Rub Smoked Ribs, Grilled Chicken, White Cheese Corkscrew Pasta, Grilled Garlic Asparagus, Heirloom Tomato Garden Salad and Freshly Baked Cookies

$55.00 + Tax Per Person


Add your logo to our favorite hoodie and gift to your attendees!

Gray soft-blend zip-up hoodie featuring DirtFish logo on front left chest and along right sleeve. White strings complete the look on this light weight hoodie

$65.00 + Tax Per Hoodie


Enjoy a scenic 15 minute helicopter ride to the falls, up the mountain and over DirtFish with one of our local helicopter company pilots.

Max 60 passengers within a single day.

$160.00 Per Passenger + $500 Fuel Truck Fee


Equipped with a private entrance, WiFi for networking, a large flatscreen TV and audio/visual equipment for presentations, you can do it all!


Get sideways virtually on one of our ten simulators. You can even drive at DirtFish! Free usage while here for your group event.


When you arrive, feast your eyes on our legendary rally cars, do some shopping in our retail store and enjoy our collection of rally history.

Corporate & Team Building

DirtFish Rally School is the perfect destination for your next team building event or corporate retreat. Located just miles outside of Seattle on a 300-acre property in the scenic foothills of the Cascade mountains, you and your team will have no shortage of shared activities and breakaway spaces to plan out a custom event to your needs!

Rally programs at DirtFish are designed to promote camaraderie, communication, and fun through rally-driving education and skill development. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with your group or a more structured multi-day team building program, we have something for everyone.

The most booked corporate group programs are Half Day Programs with a max of 24 drivers and One Day Programs with a max of 12 drivers.

Why Choose DirtFish For Your Next Team Building Event

From globally spanning corporations to military to law enforcement, teams of all kinds have found DirtFish Rally School to be the perfect destination for their team building and training. Names familiar to the Seattle-area like Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, and Boeing have all used rally driving as a team building exercise!

We are the perfect choice for companies looking to host a team building event or company outing. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping participants improve their driving skills and communicate closely. Our on-site facilities and amenities are spacious, comfortable, and capable of handling groups and events of all sizes.

Our team building programs and events are highly customizable, ensuring that they meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with your team or a more intensive team building program, we have something for everyone.

We are also committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Our rally cars are specially designed for rally driving, with roll cages, racing seats, and safety harnesses to ensure that participants are protected at all times. In addition, our instructors are highly trained and experienced, providing participants with the guidance and support they need to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Tactical Group Programs

We offer Tactical Training for military, police, government, and security groups. These can be customized from three to five days, utilizing two drivetrains, of specialized curriculum designed to cater to tactical groups and their driver training needs. These will be custom scheduled based on calendar availability.

Custom Group Programs

For all other group programs and property rentals, we can get creative! We have hosted bachelor and birthday parties, full event property rentals, wedding and receptions, full race events and beyond. If you have a custom group or event idea, we would love to hear more.

Facility Rental

The DirtFish property spans over an expansive 300 acres. Thanks to the vast size of the property, we have the ability to host a multitude of events such as automotive product and heavy equipment testing, as well as non-automotive related events like mud runs and weddings. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding facility rentals here at DirtFish.

Looking to Schedule Your Group Event?

Contact us at (425) 888 7715 or info@dirtfish.com.

Also, feel free to complete our contact us form here.

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DirtFish has been on my radar for a number of years. I didn’t even know that DirtFish offered all-women’s courses, and once I found out, I knew I had to get there. 

I found myself in an environment of encouragement, of learning from supportive instructors, where my only competition was my own mental measuring stick and conscience pushing me to do better. I felt like my own knowledge was assessed and education presented from that point on. I still had every opportunity to ask for additional input without judgment.
The value-add of being in an all-women’s course is hard to quantify… a class with XYZ and yet distinctly missing ABC... For me, it provided a learning experience of heart-racing, “$#!% yeah!” yellin’ , pure joy 🙂
Tara Gee
All Women’s One Day Class Participant

“Every time I’ve had a long break from behind the wheel of my rally car, I like to try and get up to Dirtfish for some time behind the wheel and get a refresher in the basics.

It always helps me get back up to race speed quickly and is a great excuse to go have some fun ripping around Dirtfish’s awesome tracks.”

Travis Pastrana
Subaru Rally Team Driver, Action Sports Athlete, DirtFish Alumni

“If you are looking for a high quality Rally Experience with the most up-to-date rally cars, then DirtFish is your place, AWD and RWD fun for all. USA’s one stop for rally and RX training with the best cars and instructors.”

David Higgins

My time at DirtFish was everything I could have hoped for and more. 

The supportive and knowledgeable instructors made sure that my first time behind the wheel of a rally car was one to remember. I took part in the all women’s class and cannot emphasize how much being surrounded by likeminded, encouraging females added to the experience. I’ll be back!”

Hollie McRae
All Women’s One Day Class Participant