Subaru WRX STI

You may commute in an All Wheel Drive vehicle everyday, but definitely not one like this.

Thanks to our amazing partners, our shop team has perfected the art of the rally build and spends their prep time ensuring your experience in one of our WRX STI’s is unlike any you’ve ever driven before. 

Subaru WRX STI Features

  • 4 cylinder, turbocharged IAG 500 Longblock
  • 6 speed manual transmission featuring an Exedy Stage One Clutch
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Multi-point roll cage
  • Custom engine mapping by Drive Auto Sport
  • Improved high-flow exhaust
  • Reinforced suspension points
  • Reiger and/or Bilstein rally suspension
  • Group N brakes, Hawk brake pads and Motul fluid
  • Hydraulic hand brake
  • 15” Method rally wheels
  • Hoosier gravel rally tires
  • Complete underbody protection
  • 5 or 6 point racing harnesses
  • Rally intercom system

Subaru BRZ

There’s a reason the word “fish” is in our name.

The setup of our rear wheel drive Subaru BRZ’s features the very best from our partners, ensuring you get the perfect amount of that classic fishtail slide. 

Subaru BRZ Features

  • Naturally Aspirated 2.0 Liter Boxer engine
  • 6 speed manual transmission(featuring an Exedy Stage One Clutch) and Automatic transmission with paddle shifters 
  • Rear wheel drive 
  • Multi-point roll cage
  •  Improved high-flow exhaust 
  • Reiger and/or Bilstein rally suspension
  • Hydraulic handbrake, Hawk brake pads, Motul brake fluid
  • 15” Method rally wheels
  • Hoosier Gravel rally tires
  • Complete underbody protection
  • 5 point racing harness
  • Racing seats
  • Rally intercom system

Half Day Program

Looking for an intro to rally program? The Half Day Program is a great fit. Students run three courses and receive a thrill ride from their instructor at the end of their program. Half Day Programs run Saturdays and Sundays.

One Day Program

Our most popular program! Students run five different courses which get more advanced as the day progesses. One Day Programs run Saturdays and Sundays, book now!

Three Day Program

Three days and over ten courses on some of our fastest roads! Our second most popular program. Once completed, students are eligible to come back for our Three Day Advanced Program.

Private Programs

Interested in a custom scheduled, custom curriculum, one on one rally program? Our Private Program may be a good fit.

DirtFish has been on my radar for a number of years. I didn’t even know that DirtFish offered all-women’s courses, and once I found out, I knew I had to get there. 

I found myself in an environment of encouragement, of learning from supportive instructors, where my only competition was my own mental measuring stick and conscience pushing me to do better. I felt like my own knowledge was assessed and education presented from that point on. I still had every opportunity to ask for additional input without judgment.
The value-add of being in an all-women’s course is hard to quantify… a class with XYZ and yet distinctly missing ABC... For me, it provided a learning experience of heart-racing, “$#!% yeah!” yellin’ , pure joy 🙂
Tara Gee
All Women’s One Day Class Participant

“Every time I’ve had a long break from behind the wheel of my rally car, I like to try and get up to Dirtfish for some time behind the wheel and get a refresher in the basics.

It always helps me get back up to race speed quickly and is a great excuse to go have some fun ripping around Dirtfish’s awesome tracks.”

Travis Pastrana
Subaru Rally Team Driver, Action Sports Athlete, DirtFish Alumni

“If you are looking for a high quality Rally Experience with the most up-to-date rally cars, then DirtFish is your place, AWD and RWD fun for all. USA’s one stop for rally and RX training with the best cars and instructors.”

David Higgins

My time at DirtFish was everything I could have hoped for and more. 

The supportive and knowledgeable instructors made sure that my first time behind the wheel of a rally car was one to remember. I took part in the all women’s class and cannot emphasize how much being surrounded by likeminded, encouraging females added to the experience. I’ll be back!”

Hollie McRae
All Women’s One Day Class Participant