We’re only as good as our reputation.

07-22-15-feature“If you are looking for a high quality Rally Experience with the most up-to-date rally cars, then DirtFish is your place, AWD and RWD fun for all. USA’s one stop for Rally and RallyX training with the best cars and instructors.” David Higgins
bucky-lasek-test“Dirtfish has been one of my biggest supporters from day one. Their facility and instructors are top notch and continue to be a key to my success in GRC.” Bucky Lasek
Autonation“There aren’t many things in life that I can think of that are as exhilarating as getting behind the wheel of a rally-spec’d Subaru at Dirtfish! When my team and I from AutoNation.com needed something to get us out of the office for a change of pace, a trip to Dirtfish was a no-brainer! Even if you are not the most “automotively inclined” individual, getting to experience the sensation of a high performance car, and getting comfortable with controlling it, is something I wish everyone could do. I for one have certainly developed a new appreciation for driving after a few hours at Dirtfish! Needless to say, my colleagues and I are already planning our next session!” Cameron Koester
20160427-IMG_3879My life is filled with quite a few number of exhilarating experiences.  That said, I think my most recent experience at DirtFish Rally School has to top the charts.  The most wonderful people run this place and make every waking second a joy to be there.  I have suggested to everyone I know that they go and try it.  Young or old, there is no escaping the excitement that comes with rally driving.  There will be NO disappointment!  They made learning a new skill such incredible fun.  Rain or shine the fun doesn’t change.  I think by the end of my experience I left with a smile that lasted for a long time.  I will be returning for as many events as I can.” Adrian Biesecker
joan-walsh“There were fleeting flashes near the end of day three when that last turn just clicked…so did the one before that…and I was eager for the next one…and the feet behaved themselves and the wheel obeyed my intent if not my firm direction… and for a few seconds the instructor’s voice faded away, (sorry Coach)…and it all felt right and good and I was in a focused zone of my very own. Was that real? Maybe. Perhaps it was simply the pleasure of getting more than one thing right at last…or just luck…or the grossest conceit…but damn, that’s powerful stuff and I want more of it. It’s not yet the adrenaline of completing a flat-out run, which I must earn thru time and practice; but it is a sip of the ambrosia of success. Small…but success nevertheless. I love it!!! I think it must be part of the ‘Why’ of it all. Now I need to figure out the next step.” “And those bleeping pace notes!!!!” “Oh yeah, the review…everything about Dirtfish is fantastic – fun – top drawer – A-OK – the best thing – professional – terrific – awesome. What more can an older-than-dirt girl say? You guys (and gals) rock…thanks to you all. I’ll be back.” Joan Walsh
nando-lay“I live in Australia (Melbourne, VIC), and I LOVE all things related to Rally… Who would travel 8,186 miles to attend the 3 Day program at Dirtfish Rally? I did; and I would enrol again and again. I had zero rally driving experience coming into Dirtfish and I felt with the excellent instruction and seat time, I left with a wealth of new driving skills, knowledge/mentality and ‘feel’ for driving on slippery surfaces. In short, I enjoyed every moment of my time at Dirtfish. It’s the best motorsport experience I’ve had to date; and yes, I’d fly across the world to come back to drive here…I’ll elaborate why… The Dirtfish team are world class.” Nando Lay
If you want to learn how to drive like a badass, look no further than DirtFish. The WRX STIs are loads of fun (The BRZs are probably fun too), the teachers are super cool and helpful, and the trails are technical and tricky but when you figure out what you’re doing, they’re super fun as well! The classes are 100% worth the money and if I had time, I’d come back right NOW! And by the way, I’ve only had my permit for three weeks.” Will Yetter 
“I can say without a doubt that Dirtfish has made me a better desert racer. Even though I race a different type of vehicle, the skills I learned at DirtFish can easily be applied to my type of racing. I have made DirtFish an integral part of my training program. Three weeks before heading to Mexico for the Baja 500, I spent three full days with Michelle Miller for one-on-one private instruction. Michelle pushed me to go faster while working on fine tuning my car control skills. The instruction I received from Michelle was fundamental in taking 1st place in my class at the Baja 500 Desert Race. ” Dallas Luttrell