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Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 30, 2019

Jane Ostrom

So much fun!! Marvelously knowledgeable, patient instructors. Learned a lot about lift and braking. Time flew by. Ready to go again!!!

5on Google,Nov 29, 2019


Just booked a three-day Rally Class for my husband… although we have not yet been to Dirtfish, I wanted to comment on the top-notch customer service I’ve received so far with this company!!! Everyone I’ve interacted with while figuring out the best option for us and completing the process (both on the phone and via email and web chat) has been outstanding to work with! They’ve gone above and beyond to accommodate my needs and to make sure I was able to get what I wanted! In my experience, this level of customer service is rare, and speaks volumes about the owners and employees! Can’t wait for the class!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 21, 2019


cant wait to get a group together.

5on Google,Nov 10, 2019

Mark D

The team here is phenomenal! Excellent service, awesome people. Attention to detail. So fun! Highly recommend.

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 04, 2019


I love the people, the course, and driving the cars, of course!

Recommendedon Facebook,Oct 27, 2019


participated in the haunted laps and had a blast, Kevin is an amazing driver I will be back.

5on Google,Oct 21, 2019


Krissy was so pleasant, and helped me surprise my buddy “Cone Killer” with a unique surprise on the dry erase board! Thank you so much!!

5on Google,Oct 18, 2019


Just finished a two day class. Amazing facilities, amazing instructors. Coming back next year for advanced training!

Recommendedon Facebook,Oct 13, 2019


This place was world class! Truly an amazing experience for our off-the-beaten-path client Adventure Trip! Instructors were outstanding and the entire crew over delivered on our expectations. 👊 Can I give them 10 Stars?

Recommendedon Facebook,Oct 04, 2019


What an AMAZING group of people both men and women a like shredding up the course. They offer thrill/drift rides, driving classes, merch all at super affordable rates and an super unforgettable experience that just keeps you wanting to come back for more!!

5on Google,Oct 02, 2019


A plus! Wonderful staff/instructors. I had a FANTASTIC time with the 3 day course. Just listen to the instructions, do what they say even though it may not sound right at 1st trust them and me when i say… they are spot on (its completely different from road racing lines and set up). You will be amazed at how much you learn and how well you do. Great show room with lots of apparel etc. The item in the showroom actually look nice and well designed. I have been to other schools and different race tracks and you struggle to find a shirt the looks good enough to buy, but at Dirtfish you want to buy one of everything. I cant say enough good things about the place. One guy in my class even mentioned how clean the bathrooms are.( LOL odd yes i know but he was right) It’s a MUST DO if you have the means. DIRTFISH crew, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GREAT TIME!!! Johnny G

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 16, 2019


This was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. All of the drivers were awesome and patient while guiding me through the course. Terrific experience and hope to be able to return again!

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 15, 2019


Great time, amazing instructors and we are already planning our next Dirtfish Day.

5on Google,Sep 11, 2019


Just finished an awesome 3 day Rally class at DirtFish! Amazing class, everything is top notch – instructors are super knowledgeable and friendly, cars are great and well maintained, facility is perfect, location is amazing, top notch all around. Highly recommended to anyone interested in learning car control, high speed driving (on road or off), or of course rally driving. If you’re even thinking about it, do it!! Way exceeded my high expectation 🙂

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 09, 2019

Carey Christopher

Absolutely INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!! JACK is incredible….look at the smile on his face, even after I dented his beloved 555 after hammering the throttle instead of the brake😳😳😳😳