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Recommendedon Facebook,Apr 13, 2020

Robert Iain Neville

Great page O highly recommend

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 07, 2020


Awesome experience. Quality facilities, instructors, and vehicles. I did the AWD one day class and thought it was worth every penny. Can’t wait to come back and do the RWD course. Thanks DirtFish for a memorable class 🙌🏻

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 16, 2020


Quality reporting, unlike WRC page. Please keep it up.

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 16, 2020


Yes Dirt Fish provided excellent coverage of WRC Sweden and the variety of reports and interviews chosen was great. Keep up the good work Colin, David and the crew.

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 14, 2020


i love to way how you guys deliver us info from wrc... better quality then wrc+ have. gj Keep going!!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 13, 2020


Truely professional instructors, structured class time, demo's on instructed class sessions followed by PLENTY of driving time. Dirtfish is a well oiled machine with safety in mind. the constant communication of all members of the Dirtfish staff was great peace of mind when you are driving through the forest at 70+ mph!

5on Google,Feb 12, 2020


It's Disneyland for the driver. Incredible place to experience the best form of motorsport while improving one's car control 10fold. I have never not had a massive smile on my face when up at DirtFish!

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 05, 2020


everything was amazing the people are great

5on Google,Feb 02, 2020


Did a 3 day course and it was worth every penny. I went from having never even driven a manual and rarely left foot braking to knowing how to drive a manual and always left foot braking. The Cars, garage, gaming room, and instructors were all top notch.

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 01, 2020


Lots of fun. Excellent instruction.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 24, 2020


The most adrenaline-packed fun learning experience!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 22, 2020


Great school. Must do. 5 million stars!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 16, 2020


Had a blast! Everyone should get there!

5on Google,Dec 30, 2019


I don't have that much detail but race car is my dream

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 25, 2019


Instructors are awesome. Cars are awesome. Just took the half day course and my car control is much better.