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5on Google,Jun 14, 2021


Sean I had a great time with you today! I'm already looking to see where I can shuffle funds around for the next round.... Wow. Just got the photos.... Top notch guy's....

5on Google,Jun 09, 2021


Awesome experience with a very professional group of instructors. Thank you and keep up the good work.

5on Google,Jun 08, 2021


Staff was super accommodating and friendly.

5on Google,Jun 03, 2021


The crew and instructors are awesome! Great time!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jun 01, 2021


I have spent a cumulative of 5 days at DirtFish now, and I'm looking forward to adding to that total. The first time being a 1 day class in their AWD (all-wheel drive) STI, then a 2 day advanced AWD class in the STI, and just recently 2 days of private instruction in their RWD (rear-wheel drive) BRZ. If you aren't having fun here, you probably don't have a pulse. This place is so addictively fun it should carry a surgeon general's warning on it. Enough with the clichés, onto the review! My first time coming to DirtFish I was pretty excited, and had little to no experience driving AWD cars, and 0 rally experience. I've spent nearly my entire driving life in RWD cars on regular roads. I learned a ton in the 1 day AWD class, and had so much fun I was immediately looking to return. I came back a few months later for the 2 day advanced AWD class and got to experience even more of the DirtFish property. They have numerous course layouts, all designed to challenge you in new ways. Each class is tailored to teach you certain skills, which are achieved on their course layouts. As you get better at rally driving, and move up through their classes you get to drive more fun and more challenging courses. You learn more each time, and each class is different. After some fun in their AWD Subaru STIs, I wanted a new challenge in their Subaru BRZ as they are RWD cars and bring a whole new required skill set. I chatted directly with DirtFish about what I should book. My schedule only allowed for 2 days, and I wanted to make sure to maximize my driving time. I had done their regular classes 'VIP' style, which means you buy both seats of the lesson. This allows you to be in the car the whole day of instruction instead of getting out and another student driving for a period of time. DirtFish let me know that booking private instruction gives you even more driving time than the VIP, so I knew that was the way to go. I booked it and was able to pick my preferred instructors. Day 1 of the private instruction was a nice early summer sunny and dry day. This meant the courses were dusty, hard, and dry. They do have a water truck to keep the dust down, but you'll get some experience in limited visibility. We started out on some of the easier stuff so I could learn the feel of the RWD car and get some basics down. We graduated through their courses pretty quickly and got onto The Grid course by the afternoon. The Grid is a fun Rally Cross circuit on multiple surface types. Tons of fun! There are fast sections, technical sections, and fun sliding sections. I'd do lapping half-days on The Grid if it was an option. Day 2 of the private instruction was a typical wet and rainy spring day. Course conditions were muddy, standing water in places, and overall wet. What does that mean in rally? FUN! Extra sliding, extra mud flinging around, epic pictures, and more. We warmed up for the day on The Link course, and then moved up to a modified Wedge course. I was the only car on both of these courses, which meant I could hot lap them over and over per session. Normally you'd have to wait for other cars to get done, then go through the course again. I didn't have to do that, and was getting around 20 laps per session which would run about 20-30 minutes between the courses being grated. When the afternoon started the wind began to pick up, and so did the rain. More standing water, more mud, more wet overall, MORE FUN. We proceeded to do a customized course layout that my instructor had put together. Just on day 2 I ended up running more than 130 laps, which is A LOT. In my 2 days of private instruction I probably did more driving than my prior 3 days combined. Private instruction is surely how I plan to continue to go back. The only downside to DirtFish is that it is not inexpensive. However the value is immense, and I always feel like every penny spent was well worth it. I have so much fun, and I learn a lot. Each different time I've come here for instruction I learned something new, and built off the skills I learned from prior classes. If I had to make a recommendation, it is to save up a bit more and do a private instruction day or to do a class VIP style. This way you are maximizing your driving time. The other students at DirtFish doing private instruction while I was there were first timers from all over the country. All of them were loving it, and wishing they lived closer so they could come back often. I'm fortunate to live 40 minutes away, and have the ability to come back frequently. Thank you to all of the wonderful people of Dirtfish! From the front desk, to the instructors, to the tractor workers, the behind the scenes staff, the mechanics in the shop, photographers, and everyone in between. You are all amazing, and THANK YOU for what you do.

5on Google,May 17, 2021


Staff is always helpful and welcoming. I fully recommend you do at least a full day driving course. You will not regret it 😀

5on Trip Advisor,May 13, 2021


3 day class Have a little track ( tarmac) experience on east coast... I wanted rear wheel drive suburus so I picked dirtfish to learn more about car handling in a slide. Track experience means there is much to unlearn Its 45 min drive from Seattle airport Classes start promptly at 8 am finish at 4 pm Great instructors , great paced progression. Great experience... will be back probably also good for teens to know/ learn car handling. They provide lunches and its possible to organize massages at Salish spa, which I found excellent but book before you arrive.

5on Google,May 09, 2021


This was more fun than I expected, and I expected it to be a lot of fun. If you enjoy driving at all, tearing around in one of their rally-prepped Subarus with expert instructors will be time well spent. You will also take away some valuable knowledge about the physics of a car in motion, and can put that to good use the next time you find yourself in a low-traction situation. If you’re at all curious, buy the ticket and take the ride.

5on Trip Advisor,May 09, 2021


You know you want to. If you are an auto enthusiast, this is about as much fun as you can have in a car. In fact, even if you don’t care about motor sports or cars at all, and just know how to drive a car, you will have a great time at Dirtfish. I just finished the introductory 1 day course, and I’m already plotting how quickly I can save up to get back into one of their subarus again for a 3 day experience. It’s not just fun, the experience of pushing your driving limits with the feedback and encouragement of their instructors will give you a better understanding of the physics of motion in low traction scenarios. This is something that will undoubtedly be useful in the real world the next time you find yourself driving in snow, heavy rain, or on an old logging road. If you’ve got any inclination to try this out, just go for it.

Recommendedon Facebook,May 03, 2021

Heather L

Really fantastic! Well run program, quality instruction and full-on fun!!

Recommendedon Facebook,May 02, 2021


I signed my 16-year old son up for half day rally class as a birthday present, and the whole experience far exceeded our expectations. DirtFish is a first class operation with amazing staff both in and out of the vehicles, and impressive attention to every detail. The front desk staff offered us spectators a full facility tour, and patiently answered every question from our 6-year old. Meanwhile, the classroom and driving instruction packed in a tremendous amount of knowledge and hands on driving. Our teen driver finished the day thrilled and ready for more. Next time I’ll be joining in on the fun!

5on Google,Apr 26, 2021


Had a great and fun experience. Thanks to all crew for making it happen and special thanks to instructor Jack. You guys keep it really professional. And the photos package in the end is an awesome add-on. Will come back some day for a 3 day course :) Update 4/26/21: I completed 3 day course and can say it was amazing. Now I better understand physics of rally, get to know car better and had great time going on The mill run. Definitely not my last time here