Our School

About our location.

Set at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, the site is over 315 acres and is an ideal location for many aspects of automotive activity, including rally driving. The Old Mill offers gravel, mud, and tarmac as well as open and wooded areas. Huge 400 and 700 foot long buildings located on the property provide spectacular backdrops but also practical and flexible obstacles for cars to move between and around.

The office building offers over 10,000 square feet of flexible space including locker rooms and shower facilities. The lobby area which was once home to the sheriff’s office in the television series, Twin Peaks, now houses a mini museum to all things rally! Resting comfortably in the climate controlled environment is the last GC8 WRC built by Prodrive for Richard Burns. Sitting next to that beauty is another piece of history- Colin McRae’s 2001 M-Sport Ford Focus RS WRC Rally car. There are a few more amazing cars on display, but you will have to stop in and visit to see them.

The facility provides a simulator room which is available to students and visitors! With 8 fully synced Xbox 360’s complete with the ultimate sim-racing enhanced Playseat along with Forza4 and Dirt3 installed, what more could you ask for to sharpen your skills before sampling the real thing?! DirtFish offers multiple classrooms as well as our large McRae Conference Center that has its own private entrance, which can be used for corporate events as well as on-site event management and catering.

Our instructors have almost 150 years of combined racing experience, over 75 of it in rally competition alone. From campaigning Formula cars in the UK, to winning events in the Rally America and Canadian series, as well as competing and winning in the Grand-Am Continental Series, our diverse backgrounds demonstrate our continuing passion and commitment to motorsports. This balanced comprehension of all vehicles types and understanding their limits allows our talented instructors to extract the most from each and every student. We ensure that whatever the student and their ability, they will be rewarded with an enthusiastic discovery of newly learned capabilities. No matter what you’ve done, where you’ve done it or how well you’ve done it – we’ll make you better…


  • DirtFish is an advanced driving school located in Snoqualmie, Washington, USA only 30 minutes from Seattle. We offer driver instruction, training and coaching programs and experiences for advanced car control, driver development, road and circuit racing, motorsports, SCCA rallycross, stage rally, EVOC and tactical, stunt driving, teen drivers, new drivers, track days, track racing, off-road truck racing, winter snow and ice driving, formula and open-wheel car racing, high performance driving, autocross, desert racing, overland and defensive driving, providing confidence and safety techniques behind the wheel.

    Being one of the top rally schools in the USA, we teach advanced car control techniques used in racing series and circuits, such as World Rally Championship, WRC, Rally America, Canadian Rally Championship, Red Bull Global Rallycross, Cascadia International Rally Championship and FIA World Rallycross. DirtFish utilizes courses on multiple loose surfaces conditions; dirt, mud, gravel, tarmac, pavement, and other sealed surfaces using the all-wheel AWD drive Subaru WRX STI and the rear-wheel drive RWD Subaru BRZ.

    Our high adrenaline programs, courses, and property boast the perfect location for your next event, activity or adventure, whether it’s corporate team building, sales incentive programs, arrive and drive programs, vehicle testing (Mudfest), property rentals, bachelor and birthday parties- we are capable of it all.

    Our property, facilities, and location have been used for many different film productions, most notably Top Gear, Twin Peaks and Roadkill. It is perfect for movies, commercials, promotional videos, stunt videos, viral videos and is a great scouting location. DirtFish has been featured in productions with Ken Block, Bucky Lasek, Launch Control, The Smoking Tire with Matt Farah, Forza, T-Mobile, Travis Pastrana, Toyota, Barnacles Nerdgasm and more.

    DirtFish has been compared but rated highest among other driving and car control schools, such as Team O’Neil, Bondurant, Bridgestone Winter Driving School, Florida International Rally & Motorsports Park FIRM, Proformance at Pacific Raceways, Skip Barber, Rally Ready and The Ridge Motorsports park.

    If you’re making travel plans and have some time to kill during your vacation, or are looking for a last minute deal, check out our DirtFish Signature Thrill Rides or our DirtFish Driving Simulator, equipped with XBOX, PC, Playseat, Logitec and Fanatec products that is primed and ready with Forza, Project Cars and Dirt Rally.