Michelle Miller

SCCA Solo/Rally America

Michelle started working at DirtFish in 2013 as an instructor and still plays that role along with managing the Motorsports Team. As a DirtFish instructor, she enjoys sharing her love of racing with drivers of all experience levels; teaching them to drive fast, have fun and find ways to get involved with motorsports. She has years of experience in high and low horsepower RWD, AWD and FWD cars and enjoys building and tuning cars to get maximum performance.

She started competing in autocross in 2007 and has won three SCCA Solo National Championships. In 2015, she began co-driving in stage rally and has sat with some of her DirtFish peers as well as DirtFish alumni. She has multiple podiums in both the United States and Canada. She is constantly striving to develop her racing skills and taking any opportunity to do so.

In addition to competing, she has provided on track instruction for the SCCA, BMW CCA, and Porsche Club since 2009 and was featured in the Women in Racing exhibit at the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon.


  • 2012 SCCA Solo National Champion – Mitsubishi Evo IX
  • 2014 SCCA Solo National Champion – MINI Cooper
  • 2015 SCCA Solo National Champion – MINI Cooper
  • 2015 Mt. Hood Rally 1st in Class co-driver
  • 2015 Mt. Hood Rally 2nd overall co-driver