David Higgins

6-time Rally America Champion


David Higgins has proven his skill and ability to win over the past two decades, winning six Rally America Championships, four of which were consecutive! Hailing from Wales, Great Britain, where he grew up competing in national kart racing and was able to win seven titles against some of the world’s (current) top drivers. David got his start in rally, where he competed in the Peugeot 205 challenge on the team that rally legend, Richard Burns drove for.

While competing in the Group N class, he was able to win three British Rally Championships (BRC). In 2002, not only did he win the BRC, but came to the US as a privateer in a Subaru and was able to win the SCCA Pro Rally Championship (now Rally America) that year and the following year! In 2004, David went back to compete in the British Rally Championship where he won yet another overall Championship. He continued his winning-ways in 2004, 2007 and 2009 in the Chinese Rally Championship, where he was a key part of winning the Team Championship.

In 2011, David had the opportunity to come back to the United States and compete as one of the Subaru Rally Team USA factory drivers. He once again proved he is a champion by winning the 2011 Rally America Championship. Since then, he has won every Rally America Championship!