Co-Driver Development Program

DirtFish Rally School and OzRallyPro are excited to announce a Co-Driver Development Program!

ozrallypro training

Professional co-drivers Rhianon and Alex Gelsomino will lead this all-inclusive training, along with support from experienced DirtFish competitors.  The program will cover everything needed to develop a confident co-driver going into the 2022 season.

The goal is practical application, so each participant will experience the techniques in a real-world situation as often as possible.  The first day will be in the classroom as well as offsite in a recce car, learning the important tasks of the co-driver along with techniques for writing pace notes.  The program culminates on the second day in rally cars driven by rally-seasoned DirtFish instructors, where the delivery of notes will be practiced at speed.

The material is designed to engage experienced co-drivers as well as digestible to those with limited or no experience.  No previous experience with co-driving or driving is necessary.  Each participant will receive a questionnaire to gauge experience level and to aid in coordinating groups within the class.

Classroom sessions will cover: 

  • General/Championship Rally Rules
  • Supplemental Regulations, Service Schedules
  • Creating a Recce Schedule
  • Working with Maps, Road Books, GPS
  • Time Controls and Handling Timecards
  • Pace Notes Overview
  • Recce Video and Onboard Analysis

Practical sessions will cover:

  • On-Stage Recce Training
  • Methods for Writing Pace Notes
  • Handling Transits and Time Controls
  • Calling Pace Notes at Speed
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winter rally driving

Lunch and snacks are included, along with vehicles and all safety equipment required for recce and the rally stage. You are welcome to bring your own safety equipment, just let us know helmet brand ahead of time to ensure we have the necessary equipment required to connect to our Peltor-style intercom system.

Note: participants must be at least 18 years old.