All Women’s Driving Days

Experience the thrill of rally driving in an all-women class!

Join us in our continuing celebration of Women in Motorsport by getting sideways in one (or more) of our All-Women’s programs!

Sit alongside our top-level instructors in a rear-wheel-drive BRZ or all-wheel-drive STI. We’ll provide everything you need for these unique, skill-building classes.

December 18, 2022

RWD – Subaru BRZ

One Day Program Details

A proper car and a place to use it, the dream of every enthusiast!

Our One Day program provides even more than that with instructors keen on pushing students to extract everything possible from a fully prepared car on a slippery surface.

Beginning with basic skill development and progressing to handling a car at speed on a gravel road, students walk away with advanced car control skills that transfer to every driving situation.

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