TJ Fry


Since his father loaded TJ into his carseat and took him to do donuts in the snow, TJ has had a fascination with oversteer. He competes in drifting, rally cross, stage rally, hill climb, and off-road racing. He occasionally spends time in front of the camera for commercials/films/TV shows as a precision & stunt driver. He has instructed for several schools across the U.S. and trains clients ranging from brand new drivers, all the way to the U.S. Military’s elite special forces. His passion for driving is rivaled only by his passion for his wife, Dani who has been instrumental in kickstarting his career. He loves working with drivers of all experience levels and he prides himself on the positive improvement and experience that his students achieve.

Quote: “Half of driving is good vision & proper technique. The other half is ego.”