Mitch Williams


Mitch William’s Professional driving career has been steadily accelerating since he entered his first solo race in 2000. His passion and dedication to racing and precision driving shone when he won the 2011 United States Rally Championship. This victory crowns a resume of impressive achievements that include several championship titles and numerous podium finishes. Although stage rallies have been where Mitch’s passion lies, he has also dominated in the fields of rally cross, hill climb, TSA Rally, and ice racing. In addition to his racing career, Mitch has many years of experience as a performance driving instructor and stunt driver. When he is not behind the wheel, Mitch enjoys crewing jet races with his father, spending time with his kids and thrashing the backcountry with his wife on his snowboard.

Quote: “There is a lot more to rally than just being fast. You must be conservative, punctual and a good listener. Coincidentally, rally drivers make great husbands.”

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