Krissy Shelton

Administrative Coordinator

This is not your ordinary Administrative Coordinator. Krissy never wanted to do anything that would be considered boring or standard; rather she has always wanted to do something that was a bit weird, super fun and fully utilized her talents. She has worked at cleaning companies, hunting and fishing stores and eventually landed on the front lines for Import Automotive Repair Services where she sharpened her professional automotive coordinator skills. Krissy also worked as a Technician for Jiffy Lube and also as a Service Advisor where she met her husband, Kelcey. While she was in high school, Krissy restored her own 1970 Mustang back to roadworthy condition!

Not one to shy away from a challenge or a well-placed witticism, Krissy knows the importance of first class customer service and has landed at DirtFish thanks to that positive “tattoo and a smile” genuine attitude.
Krissy has an affinity for horses (most animals really), has never fallen off a paddle board and lands an impressive grouping if you ever get her out to the range. On occasion, you’ll also see her taking a few laps around the track at DirtFish. Don’t be surprised if the person who made sure your gluten free lunch wasn’t cross contaminated by bread crumbs, also made sure that she could keep up with you on the course.