Kevin Anderson


Growing up in the small town of Alton, IL, Kevin gained a strong appreciation for motorsports from his father – a self-taught mechanic. Circumstances relocated 10 year-old Kevin to  Washington, but not at the expense of his fascination with driving. With no knowledge of the term ‘car control’, Kevin taught himself through karting and competing as often as the family budget would allow. This continued for years as his interests grew into simulation driving, track racing, and instructing for various car clubs. Whether sparring in the rain at The Ridge in a PRO3 car or karting out at Pacific Grand Prix, Kevin is a familiar face in local motorsports.

Quote: “I am very fortunate to share this passion and be surrounded by top tier staff! Instructing at Dirtfish is rewarding because of the variety of student skill levels. You may have never driven a manual before, but that’s OK. We’ll take you far beyond that.”

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